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Business Growth Hub

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NEW AT MHL Expo 2018


The Business Growth Hub is our hottest new destination to visit at this year’s Foodtech Packtech / MHL Expo.

It’s a specially designed feature area to help get new food ideas to market whatever their size. Over the 3 days of Foodtech Packtech we’re
putting you in touch with business experts with the skills and knowledge you need. Whether your
business is a start-up or a global corporate the hub has all the ingredients you’ll need to get ahead of the
pack – it’s a recipe for success!

Register your Interest

Check out who’s involved below and register your interest today to meet with our experts. Don’t miss out!


bgh food network
Food Innovation Network
– Access an incredible national network of science and technology resources created to support the growth and development of New Zealand food & beverage business of all sizes.

Simon Gault – How to effectively commercialise your brand. Think outside of the box with NZ culinary expert Simon Gault

bgh ateed
ATEED – Talk with the team at ATEED as to how you can Tap into the large network of F&B support and resources

bgh food inc
Food Inc – Meet with a specialist consultant to discuss how their skills and experience can help you in many areas of food product development, quality systems management, production, packaging and marketing.

bgh nz food awards
NZ Food Awards - learn how to leverage the NZ food awards to develop your business

bgh rabobank
Rabo Bank
– Access expert advice and support from one of NZ’s leading food and agri-business experts

bgh calaghan innovation
Callaghan innovation
– Secure the funding and support to rocket to the top of the food chain

bgh katabolt
 - Export and international strategy and growth training and consultancy