Export or bust Workshop: Talking the truth about taking your business offshore

Christopher Boys - Managing Director & Founder, Katabolt

Andy Mitchell - Growth Strategist, Katabolt


Export or bust: Talking the truth about taking your business offshore

Exporting is the life blood of New Zealand’s economy. But for most businesses, the reality is far from rosy. Exporting can be a risky, expensive, time consuming and frankly terrifying activity. Why do so many companies simply get it wrong? Join us at our workshop where you’ll learn what the best exporters are doing that you aren’t. And, how to build your own export playbook to manage the risk and secure the reward.

Katabolt was founded in 2010, specifically to create an agile, purpose-driven platform to help NZ companies sell high value products and services to the world. We connect people and resources directly into global markets – both distributors and retailers – making it easier for people in NZ to expand globally and create more prosperity for themselves and their employees.

If you’re looking to make the move into exporting, we’ve helped over 450 companies launch 350 products and services into 28 markets. With over 50 years of collective experience, our team has a wide range of skills across the spectrum of research, sales and marketing, strategy and project management.


Christopher Boys is Founder and Managing Director Katabolt, which he established in 2010.

Having spent almost half his working life offshore or selling NZ products into offshore markets, Chris believes NZ and all Kiwis can be a lot more prosperous, if we learn how to design, price and connect our services differently into world markets. 


Andy Mitchell is Growth Strategist at Katabolt. He helps companies to position themselves for maximum value and rapid penetration into export markets.

This seminar will be held in Seminar Room 2 located in the Business Growth Hub stand 2041 in Hall 2