Impact of disruptive technologies on food safety testing

Impact of disruptive technologies on food safety testing

Nico van Loon - Cawthron Institute

Talking about the impact of disruptive technologies is ‘the flavour of the month’ – and rightly so as there is an exponential increase in the us e of completely new technologies, and the disruptive use of existing technologies in new areas.

However, there are some important barriers preventing disruptive technologies to affect food safety and certification testing at the same speed as in many other fields.

In this presentation some of these barriers will be discussed, with some case studies of successful and failed (so far) implementations.

Finally, a few potential disruptive technologies in this space and the potential impact on food safety and certification testing will be touched on.


Nico van Loon is Group Manager at Cawthron Institute, New Zealand’s largest independent research organisation, focusing on aquaculture, food safety, adding value to food, nutraceuticals, coastal and freshwater ecology and high value extracts from marine sources for pharmaceutical applications.

Nico has an MBA from Waikato and studied chemistry at Utrecht University. He has extensive experience in the private sector, including pharma, laboratory management and environmentalconsulting. 

Nico leads 72 scientists and laboratory professionals who collaborate with the aquaculture and seafood sectors to maximise the safety of New Zealand seafood. Together with industry and MPI, Nico and his teams lead national and international research at the forefront of advances in seafood safety.

He is responsible for the Health and Bio-actives initiative at Cawthron, encompassing nutraceuticals and high quality extracts for export. Recently, he has been instrumental in securing supply contracts for high-value compounds from marine algae with two Europe based companies.


This seminar will be held in Seminar Room 1 located upstairs at the ASB Show Grounds. Access to this area is via the staircase located to the right of Show information in the main Show Ground entrance. Please follow signage or ask show information for more details.