Industry 4.0 – A practical approach

Industry 4.0 – A practical approach

 Jozef Ceh, Digital Transformation Leader, SMC Pneumatics

 Industry 4.0 is a topic with a myriad of buzz words and the hottest trend in manufacturing today. But with many of its concepts still in early stages of development and deployment it is raising questions of its validity and for many it is still in the “too hard” basket. After attending a number of seminars and exhibitions on Industry 4.0 and finding customers often left motivated but still uncertain of the approach, at SMC we recognise a real opportunity to shape the industry of tomorrow with the concepts of Industry 4.0 assisting our clients towards their digitalisation journey. Jozef has found that many customers were already implementing some aspects of Industry 4.0 and often it was a case of unlocking their full potential and value

Industry 4.0 doesn’t have to be a expensive and complex implementation. Jozef will discuss the practical aspects of Industry 4.0 implementation you’ve always wanted to know.

Jozef Ceh has been with SMC for 11 years. He has a keen understanding of pneumatic automation and electronic control systems across all industry sectors local and internationally.  Abilities include engineering system design and software development from concept and R&D stages to completion. 

Jozef is responsible for SMC’s Industry 4.0 offering and implementation in the market place. In real terms this means one of his key focus areas is assisting our customers with digital transformation.

This seminar will be held in Seminar Room 2 located in the Business Growth Hub stand 2041 in Hall 2.