Minimising the risk of dust explosions and how to effectively upgrade an existing plant

Minimising the risk of dust explosions and how to effectively upgrade an existing plant

Felipe Ong - BS&B Safety / HMA

Minimising the Risk of Dust Explosions and how to upgrade an existing plant. 
This talk will cover awareness of Dust Explosion risks, identifying type of materials, process equipment, Industries at risk! Hazards evaluation & testing including: Kst & Pmax ; Identifying all the possible sources of ignition that is present & how to control & mitigate them, and discuss all the available prevention methods: such as Good housekeeping; static controls; containment; Sparks & burning embers detection Available protection method such as venting, Suppression, Mechanical & Chemical Isolation. International Codes & Standards covering NFPA (USA), ATEX (EU). Some of the recent and significant dust explosion case studies will be shared 
as well along with valuable lesson learnt!

Mr. Felipe Ong is the Asia Pacific Product Manager with BS&B Safety System in the area of Industrial Dust Explosion Prevention & Protection Technologies. He has over 23 years of experiences serving varies Industrial sector with the past 13 years focusing on Dust Explosion Protection Technologies. He also works closely with Insurance Institutions, Universities, Safety bodies & as well as regulatory bodies in Singapore, China, Korea, Malaysia & Thailand to increase Safety Awareness against Industrial Dust Explosion Risks.

Throughout his last 13 years, he has helped many of the industries across Asia Pacific regions to understand and mitigate dust explosion risk.

This seminar will be held in Seminar Room 1 located upstairs at the ASB Show Grounds. Access to this area is via the staircase located to the right of Show information in the main Show Ground entrance. Please follow signage or ask show information for more details.