Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Bob Olayo - FF Instrumentation

Packaging Basics, Trends, What packaging to use, What is WVTR and OTR and how does that affect your product, Gas Flushing/ Modified Atmosphere Packaging in Dairy (Cheese/Powders + Canning), Fresh/RTE Meat, Ready Meals, Salads, Fish and more in New Zealand

The world wants fresh food without preservatives that will last on the shelf and be what ever is left to must be biodegradable. Come and join us explore packaging basics and its interaction/ effect on food.

An introduction to Modified atmosphere packaging in different sectors of manufacturing will be covered.

Local examples will be given of how companies are achieving great results simply by replacing atmospheres with differing concentrations of gases already in the environment and that we breath in every day.

Get to understand why food businesses use different gases/ mix ratios for different food products/recipes of the same product. 

Learn how to identify and control leaks, generate meaningful CCP’s and carry out process optimization to achieve great results saving $$.

Product specific application notes for meat, canned milk powder/ formula, cheese, fresh produce,ready to eat (RTE) meals, fish, poultry, bakery and other products.


Recently appointed Chairman of the Canterbury branch of the NZ IFST [New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology], Bob Olayo was born and educated in Kenya and then New Zealand. He has undertaken extensive overseas training in USA, Germany, Denmark, Australia and Sweden and brings all this collective experience and knowledge to help clients solve interesting manufacturing challenges. 

Working with a variety of manufacturers to overcome packaging and quality related challenges is Bob’s specialty. He has overseen the training and implementation of MAP [Modified Atmosphere Packaging] in various industries including Dairy Powders, Cheese, Small-goods, Canning, Seafood, Pasta meals, Coffee and Fresh Produce which has seen Bob gain extensive industry based knowledge and experience. 

In his various NZ market experiences, Bob has worked with all the major crown and private research as well as educational institutions. Recent seminars he has presented at include the Food Industry Training (FIT) courses as part of NZIFST, Formula Foods MAP seminars (part presenter), NZFSPG (New Zealand Food Safety Practioners Guild) and FoodTech PackTech Seminars.  Bob is the Manager of FF Instrumentation, and currently General Manager of Formula Foods based in Christchurch

This seminar will be held in Seminar Room 1 located upstairs at the ASB Show Grounds. Access to this area is via the staircase located to the right of Show information in the main Show Ground entrance. Please follow signage or ask show information for more details.