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About The Materials Handling and Logistics Exhibition


The Materials Handling & Logistics Expo (MHL) is New Zealand’s premier trade event for the materials handling, warehousing and logistics industry.

MHL gives you the opportunity to showcase new & innovative products and techniques and provides a professional & comprehensive marketing platform bringing together industry buyers, suppliers and educators to share ideas and develop business relationships.


1. SHOWCASE: A platform for exhibitors to showcase new products and solutions for industry. Solutions that address global issues such as food safety, food security, packaging and logistics.

2. EDUCATE: 3 days of seminars championed by industry experts, local and central government regulatory bodies, associations and best in class global speakers covering a wide range of technical, safety and innovation topics.

3. SELL: A cornerstone event for the industry to make major procurement decisions for their materials handling and logistics needs onsite. 

  • Build brand recognition
  • Research the market
  • Promote good will
  • Launch new products
  • Educate customers
  • Network with your industry
  • Generate sales
  • Generate media interest
  • Cement existing relationships
  • Collect high quality leads
  • Showcase full ranges

 For a taste of what to expect from the co-located event, have a look at our highlight reel from the 2018.

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