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Exhibiting at Foodtech Packtech


Food & beverage exports currently account for 55% (approx) of New Zealand’s total merchandise export value or the equivalent of $24 billion and as a nation we are well positioned to see this triple over the next 15 years. Foodtech Packtech (FTPT) will provide a forum for education, discussion and sharing of knowledge and expertise, critical in the sustainability and growth of the industry and export potential.

Running strong for over 20 years, (FTPT) is New Zealand’s largest food manufacturing, packaging and processing technology trade show. Co-located since 2016 with the Materials Handling & Logistics Expo the event will attract 250+ local and international exhibiting companies and some 4,500+ qualified visitors. As one of New Zealand’s fastest growing sectors FTPT is a must attend event for any business that provides the products, services or technology required to add value to New Zealand’s food chain.

If your business provides the products needed to add value to New Zealand’s food chain, you need to be at Foodtech Packtech.

This is your opportunity to:

1. SHOWCASE: A platform for exhibitors to showcase new products and solutions for industry. Solutions that address global issues such as food safety, food security, packaging and logistics.

2. EDUCATE: 3 days of seminars championed by industry experts, local and central government regulatory bodies, associations and best in class global speakers covering a wide range of technical, safety and innovation topics.

3. SELL: A cornerstone event for food and packaging manufacturers to make major procurement decisions for their plant, machinery and technology needs onsite. 

  • Build brand recognition
  • Research the market
  • Promote good will
  • Launch new products
  • Educate customers
  • Network with your industry
  • Generate sales
  • Generate media interest
  • Cement existing relationships
  • Collect high quality leads
  • Showcase full ranges


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"Foodtech Packtech allows us to showcase new product developments to a wide range of industry sectors, network with companies with whom we can co-operate, supplement normal customer calls in a less formal environment and gain contacts for new or expanded business.”
Paul Craddock, Transportect LP

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